Randy Wise Dealership - Hood folded in two!

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I have a 2009 G3 and the first week I had it I put the hood up to check oil and become familiar with the engine. While putting the hood down the right side of it started to fold in two. Now there is a wrinkle that looks terrible. I'm stating this G3"s hood is weak and defective at that point...I have never had a hood fold on any car ever and neither has anybody else. Needless to say The Randy Wise Dealership in Milan Michigan's head mechanic kept the car 6 days thinking they were going to do the right thing he calls after 6 days and states they are not going to fix it and that it was my fault. He also stated he was sorry I bought a GM car from Randy Wise. If this is how I am going to be treated then needless to say I will work diligently to demote GM and their products.

I expect action and soon the car is now a year old and I want out.

Mary Light


Review about: Defective Hood Repair.

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